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Click to enter CHARMS Financial System

What is CHARMS?

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The CHARMS Financial System is a third-party vendor provided system specifically designed to help school organizations manage the financial needs of their students and booster organizations.  Only Choir parents and students, Directors and Boosters are able to login with an assigned CHARMS Student ID.  (Request an ID)


When you login to CHARMS, you will notice that the CHARMS financial system consists of these basic elements:

Student Ledgers

     When a student is created in Charms, they are automatically assigned these four Ledgers:

  1. Fundraising Ledger - tracks all the student fundraising transactions
  2. Trip Ledger - tracks all the trip related transactions for students and chaperones
  3. Fixed Payment Ledger - tracks all the fixed payments owed and paid
  4. Miscellaneous Ledger - tracks everything else


The four ledgers come together to create one Student Financial Statement. At the top of the statement, the four ledger balances are totaled to create one Total Balance Due, or Credit Balance for that student, and below, each ledger’s transaction detail is shown individually. Student Financial Statements can be viewed online by parents and students through the Charms website.  


*New* This Year - CHARMS Financial System - Online Store 

The Charms Financial System - Online Store, one area of the CHARMS Financial system, allows the Boosters to sell logo merchandise, tickets, or anything our parents or students (or guests!) need to purchase where sizes, colors, quantities, or repeat orders are involved. Shoppers can choose to pay by debit or credit card through "RevTrak" with NO TRANSACTION FEES, or have money deducted from the Student Misc. Ledger.

Parents/Students may access the Online Store either by logging on to the Online Store.  Guests may also log directly into the Online Store and are issued a Guest ID.   


Please contact with CHARMS financial questions.